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Introduction to the Paralympic movement
Classification in the Paralympic movement

IPC Introduction to Para Sport

This online programme is open for everybody who wants to learn more about the IPC, The Paralympic Movement and the importance of classification. You might be an athlete, a coach, a technical official, sport medical practitioner, event organiser or generally just an interested supporter of Paralympic Sport or the Paralympic Games looking to test their knowledge.

This introductory programme is free to register and upon completion of the exam you'll be able to download a certificate of completion. If you wish to continue your education with the IPC Academy and register to complete another sport or skill specific online learning programme you must successfully complete this introductory programme.

Other IPC Academy Online Learning Programmes that are currently available can be found on the IPC Academy home page.

This programme currently contains two modules, which are listed on the left. The modules contain a combination of reading and video content. You'll need to pass each module by answering a series of multiple-choice questions before moving on to the next.

Your progress through the programme is automatically saved, so you can leave at any time and return later to continue where you left off.