Workshop 1 - Ensuring an Accessible Lima 2019 and Planning for Sustainable Legacy from the Parapan Games
4 June - 6 June 2018

WAoS are working alongside the organising committee for the upcoming Parapan American Games, Lima 2019, to support the development of an intergrated service throughout the Games. This involved the input of a unique set of education workshops run throughout the preparation phases prior to the Games. Tailored to the specific requirements of the event organisers, local governments, providers to the industry, spectators and others, the programmes aims to enhance and improve the capability and capacity of those involved with the event.

Benefits of attending

Provided below is a range of the benefits in attending the various workshops with the Parapan Integration Programme:

  • Understand guiding principles, key concepts and strategies on planning for accessibility.
  • Understand the athletes’ path through the Games, seeking to establish specific criteria for an equitable, dignified and efficient service delivery in every step.
  • Understand the key elements that will form a good communications plan for the Parapan.
  • Understand the core elements of targeted Spectator segmentation for Paralympics.
  • Train selected individuals and certify them on competency basis to undertake training on the subject with colleagues, partners, stakeholders etc.
  • Enhance the level of awareness about Parapan-specific organizational and operational parameters that impact planning and delivery.
Who should attend?

Those in attendance will be central to the integration of the Parapan Games and will be involved in activities for the integration planning, development and implementation. This could include Planning Department, Model Venue Planning Team, Test Events Central Team and Ops Planning Team Leaders (where appropriate and appointed).

Programme outline
  • Workshop 1: Accessibility & Legacy from Parapan
  • Workshop 2: Creating optimum Parapan experience for athletes & stakeholders
  • Workshop 3: Designing Parapan Comms Plan & ensuring partners activation
  • Workshop 4: Inspiring and exciting spectators & local community
  • Workshop 5: People Development – Disability Awareness
  • Workshop 6: Operational Simulation
  • Additional mentoring and input to be provided on aspects of the games including reviews of designs and operational plans