OCP Level 2 - Governance & Planning Module
11 June - 13 June 2018

The OCP Level 2 programme will cover the three subject areas agreed, namely Governance and Planning, Athlete Development and Marketing and Communication. This will be delivered through face-to-face lectures as well as active mentoring to enable delegates to deliver the tasks, assigned to them as a result of the programme, to the highest possible standard.

Benefits of attending

Level 2 aims to build on the inputs from Level 1, and give targeted delegates further insight into, and an enhanced understanding of, three key areas of management which are central to the effective running of a Paralympic organisation.

Who should attend?

Delegates from OCP2 will be drawn from the blue tier and green tier NPCs that have been identified as most likely to benefit from the programme. Each NPC will be invited to nominate two participants per module. Nominees will be required by the Agitos Foundation to complete an application form, and to go through an interview process before final selection to ensure their suitability to attend.

Programme outline

Governance and Planning

  • Develop an organisation development plan that applies the three principles of good Governance – Transparency – Democracy – Accountability.
  • Develop a basic strategic or operational plan, including the skills to operationalize and evaluate it.

Athlete Development

  • Develop a high-performance plan for target sports.
  • Develop Para sport participation plans to engage and identify new athletes.

Marketing and Communications

  • Develop an overall marketing plan to promote the Paralympic movement to key stakeholders.
  • Develop an annual communication plan and put together a specimen campaign that is athlete centred and delivers against the defined objectives.