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IPC Academy Educator Programme

The IPC Academy’s vision is to develop a global workforce of trained individuals, knowledgeable and competent at applying their skill, helping to enable the continued global growth of the Paralympic Movement.

Building on the World Academy of Sport’s partnership with the International Rugby Board the IPC Academy aims to embed a similar approach with IPC Sports by supporting them to develop competency-based courses for coaches, technical officials and classifiers and establishing quality-assured training processes for Educators who will conduct these courses.  

This Programme is offered to coaches, classifers and technical officials to train them to become certified as IPC Academy Educators, to conduct technical courses on behalf of the IPC Sport.


Benefits of attending
  • Exposure to best practice educational techniques to train and assess course participants 
  • Opportunity to become certified as an IPC Academy Educator and conduct courses on behalf of the applicable IPC Sport
Who should attend?

All Candidates for this programme should:

  • be nominated by your NPC or National Paralympic Sports Federation and supported by the applicable IPC Sport
  • have appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to be able to deliver specific courses within your area of specialisation of: coaching, technical officiating, or classification
  • have a genuine interest in wanting to develop coaches, technical officials or classifiers, as applicable
  • hold experience of presenting information to adult groups (e.g. teaching)
  • be open-minded, adaptable to change, welcoming of feedback and willing to self-reflect
Programme outline

This Educator Programme has been divided into six three-hour modules.

Module 1: IPC Academy Training process and Educator styles of delivery

Module 2: Role of the Educator and client population

Module 3: Learning, competency and assessment

Module 4: Reviewing learning and facilitation skills

Module 5: Acquaint with IPC Academy education programmes

Module 6: Risk management

This programme is being delivered as follows:
IPC Powerlifting Educator Programme
28 March - 3 April 2014
IPC Academy Educator Programme
5 December - 7 December 2015
IPC Academy Educator Programme
4 April - 5 April 2016
IPC Academy Educator Programme
19 November 2016
World Para Athletics Educator Programme
15 February - 18 February 2015
World Para Athletics Educator Programme
16 February - 24 February 2014
IPC Swimming Educator Programme
24 November - 26 November 2015
IPC Academy Educator Programme
20 February 2017
IPC Academy Educator Programme
6 February 2020